How do you know which agent to choose?  

Below are some thoughts for Landlords to consider.

With any new venture there are credibility hurdles to be jumped – and as the Olympics have now started - perhaps it’s a good time to outline how to make the credibility leap with room to spare!

Trust is probably the most important element in any relationship between agent and landlord and tenant. How to earn and keep trust depends on the competence, conviction, consistency, authenticity, honesty, accountability, and most of all – loyalty of your agent.

Any landlord, whether experienced or venturing into the lettings business for the first time, needs to rely on their agent to provide a service that incorporates all those attributes above – but how to make the choice between a vast array of agent options? 

Everyone has competitors who do exactly what they do. Their approach may be different, but their results will be the same. They may be able to offer a product or service that is a little different from someone else’s product or service but what will really stand out is how they approach the relationship and how they make the other person feel. The other person needs to be convinced why he or she should choose one over anyone else. The connection that is established will be emotional and that will convince the other person of his or her number one choice.

Agents should stop comparing themselves with others and learn to be themselves - the principled person they are, standing tall for the values they believe in. Always striving to improve to become better today than they were yesterday, working with the core conviction that is unique to them.

No matter what, your agent must always give valuable information. That standard must be maintained.  Consistently excellent information will make the other person remember the agent and want to use them.

If your agent can show you that not only are you their first priority but that they also have the ability to solve whatever problem(s) you are experiencing, that’s what counts. We come back to trust…

Establishing an agent’s professional credibility is critical to a peaceful life as a landlord. The relationship between you and the trust and loyalty that forms the basis of that relationship is the crucial element.     Without it, how can you take your agent seriously?  

If you are searching for a Property Management or Letting Agency, get in contact with us today to discuss the service you require and how we can help.

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