Are you interested in purchasing a new home or a Buy To Let property in London?

At Your Home Managed, we specialise in finding tenants for our Landlords and managing their tenancies and properties.

We also offer a Property Sourcing Service for Landlords who wish to purchase investment properties in London. Our knowledge has been built up through years of experience, helping you make an informed decision based on real statistics.

We comprehensively understand tenants' requirements and the properties they wish to rent. 

Our aim is to help Landlords invest in properties to achieve the best return possible, which can be difficult in London. 

 Once we find you a property that you are happy to invest in, we can help with refurbishments, legal compliance, finding reliable tenants, managing the property, minimising unnecessary costs and void periods, and saving you a lot of precious time.

Contact us today to have an in-depth discussion about our services, what you require, and if we are the right fit for you.

What is included in our service:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your requirements including preferred location, budget and required returns.

  • Find & analyse suitable properties based on your requirements to determine the rental income, potential value to be added, demand potential and more.

  • Contact local agents and get on their books for your search criteria, aiming to find an off-market property, a Keen seller or a currently tenanted property to provide the best possible returns.

  • Viewing properties on your behalf and providing feedback on our thoughts on the property compared with its advert, and what the surrounding area is like. We prepare a Video Walkthrough of each property and get answers to any questions you may have related to the property.

  • Speaking to the Seller and Agent to discuss a potential deal, finding out information on the property's leases, and any other vital information you should be aware of.

  • Ensure that any refurbishment works are estimated accurately and that any works carried out on behalf of the client are done so in compliance with HMO, CDM, and Building and Planning Regulations.

  • Obtain relevant information regarding leaseholds and any other costs involved with the property.

Our service is bespoke to your needs and search terms. 

Give us a call to find out if we are the right agent for you.

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We cover London

We cover London and some surrounding areas. 

This map displays properties we Let and Manage. 

Through years of experience, we complete extensive research on every property we Let or Manage to ensure the property advert displays the most important information about your property and the local area.

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