Property Management in West Norwood and South Norwood

Property Management in West Norwood and South Norwood: 5 Questions Landlords Should Ask

If you're a landlord wanting to minimise the stress of managing your rental property, you may consider using a property management company in West Norwood & South Norwood. However, knowing the right questions to ask to make sure you get the best fit is key to success!

At Your Home Managed we are experts in lettings and property management. We want to share five questions you should ask when choosing a letting agent to ensure you benefit from an experienced team.

1. What's Your Experience in the West Norwood & South Norwood Property Rental Market?

Why it's important: Local market knowledge is essential. An experienced letting agent in West Norwood & South Norwood will understand rental market trends, pricing, and tenant demographics. This insight helps in setting the right rent and finding suitable tenants quickly.

Ask: 'Can you tell me about your experience with rental properties in West Norwood & South Norwood?'

Look for: Specific examples of properties the agent has managed and their success stories.

Your Home Managed has years of experience. Our lettings team know the market inside-out!

2. How Do You Screen Tenants?

Why it's important: The tenant screening process is crucial to finding reliable tenants for rental properties in West Norwood & South Norwood. A thorough screening reduces the risk of rent arrears and property damage.

Ask: 'What's your process for vetting potential tenants?'

Look for: A detailed explanation of credit checks, reference verification, and employment history review.

Your Home Managed will carry out full referencing for landlords in West Norwood & South Norwood and we are happy to discuss exactly how this works.

3. What's Your Fee Structure?

Why it's important: Understanding the fee structure is key to avoiding unexpected costs. Letting agents can charge for tenant find, full management, or both.

Ask: 'Can you provide a detailed breakdown of your fees?'

Look for: Transparency and clarity in the fee structure, with no hidden costs.

We offer a variety of services to suit your requirements. We will be delighted to discuss these options with you in detail.

4. How Do You Handle Property Maintenance and Repairs?

Why it's important: Efficient handling of maintenance and repairs keeps tenants happy and preserves the value of your rental property.

Ask: 'What's your process for dealing with maintenance issues?'

Look for: Prompt response times, a network of reliable contractors, and a clear communication process.

Your Home Managed has built excellent relationships with our contractors. We believe that a good maintenance team is key to the smooth running of every lettings organisation.

5. Can You Provide References from Other Landlords?

Why it's important: First-hand feedback from other landlords in West Norwood & South Norwood can provide insights into the agent's reliability, communication, and effectiveness.

Ask: 'Could you provide contact details for a few landlords you've worked with?'

Look for: Positive reviews and experiences shared by other landlords.

We have plenty of glowing reviews! You can read some of our testimonials from happy clients here.

If you're looking for reliable property management for your rental property in West Norwood & South Norwood, look no further than Your Home Managed. Call us today on 0208 125 7780, or drop us an email to

As experts in the West Norwood & South Norwood property market, we are your number one choice.

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